Wedding games are an ideal icebreaker for your invited guests and making memorable memories for you and your new partner. So, if you’re looking for a unique wedding game to really liven up the evening for you guests, why not round up some fun wedding games that your guests are bound to love. The more different and unique they are the more fun they’ll be. It’s also a great way to break the ice and get everyone loosened up a bit before the big day arrives. And what bride doesn’t love a game!

There are tons of wedding games available that can be tailored to suit just about any theme you might be looking for. For example, if you’re having a medieval style wedding ceremony you could play a ‘Red Riding Hood’ game with the bride as the bride and groom as the characters from this time period. The bride would take a crown, or any other kind of headgear, and blindfold her groom. Her guests can then choose a gift that matches the character they think she should have. The bride is then the person who presents the gift to her groom.

If your wedding party is going to be partying outdoors one of your options for an entertaining game is ‘Bunkers & Bunkers’. This game consists of a couple of table sauce and some footballs and paper footballs. The idea is for the wedding guests to sit around the table sauce and then start shooting at each other with their footballs. The bride then calls out ‘Bunkers! Five’, and the five people on the opposite team have to run into each other, bump into each other some more before being eliminated.

Another great game to play at your reception or wedding games would be the ‘Musical Chairs’. This is a good choice because you can play it at any time of the reception or during the dinner if your time permits. For this game you need to supply a number of chairs, a chair for each guest, and music. It is important to make sure that the chairs are comfortable for the guests to sit in, and the music should be either live or at least recorded.

One of the most fun wedding games would be a romantic paper dance. This game involves the bride and groom going to a dance together, where they add numbers to a sheet of paper. The guest with the most guests at the end of the night wins. Depending on the theme of your reception you could use a lot of different paper products, such as torn up newspaper, colorful tissue paper, and sparkly glitter to make your paper dance look just spectacular.

Other fun wedding games that you can play at your reception would include: ‘Password Is Beautiful’, ‘Guess the Password’, and ‘Guess the Tea’. These all involve guests solving a number of riddles to figure out who the bride is. ‘Password is Beautiful’ involves the bride and groom posing for pictures and answering questions about the wedding and marriage. ‘Guess the Tea’ requires the bride and groom to drink a certain amount of tea from a certain type of cup. The best thing to do is to make sure that you ask your wedding guests a number of riddles, and that the answers are all related to the theme of the wedding, or to something that you or the bride may enjoy.