Games that pit two sides against each other in a battle to the death are war games. These types of games may involve battles on land, at sea, in the air, or on the sea, and they may take place in any number of settings, from ancient times right up to modern times. They may involve battles between technologically advanced factions, or they may be designed to test a team’s abilities to work together and fight against an unbeatable foe.

Most air force games take place over the Middle East and in Asia, with some also being developed for the Gulf War. War games that involve the US military, or the US allies, are usually designed to test the skills of both military forces. Some are designed for the US only, or for the Combined Joint Strike Reserve (CRS), a combination of both the armed services and the Reserve. Although most are designed for these types of wars, many of them are also used for peacekeeping and as an element of sporting competition. The games can take place all over the world and include such famous cities as Seoul, Kuwait City, Singapore, Bermuda, Dubai, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, and others.

One type of game that is often considered war-related by some people, but not by others, is Vietnam War simulation games. These are sometimes played by groups or individuals who are members of teams; although in most cases, a single player is involved. In these games, players become allied forces, either because they are part of a larger international group or they have a personal grudge against a specific nation, such as Vietnam. After Vietnam War combat, US soldiers were often decorated for their role in Vietnam and would often remain in these simulation games to this day.

Similarly, world war ii saw the addition of several new features to the genre. One was the U.N.I. War Game, which was an upgrade of the Vietnam War Simulation Games. Although it had different historical settings (asia, earth, and multinational armies), it featured replicas of cities, battle grounds, and even aircraft. This added realism to the game as soldiers from all around the globe were put into the game, and the players were forced to make their decisions based on those choices.

Military simulation experts have also developed several multiplayer online wargames. There are all kinds of these, including fantasy games, real time battles (with limited graphics), and even very detailed 3D graphics. All of these add extra realism to military simulations.

Of course, one of the most popular military simulations available to players is Airborne Combat, which has been available for decades. Although it was mostly played on consoles in the beginning, this game is now available for PCs as well. A lot of time and money has gone into making this simulation as accurate as possible, using the most up-to-date technology, and the results are quite impressive. From defending the Normandy beaches against the Luftwaffe to bombarding the Japanese factory in WWII, this simulation puts you right in the thick of action.