Ever played a computer game and wished you had a joystick to make playing more enjoyable? Ever wanted to be like those guys who roll their eyes every time someone lands on the green? Ever wished there was an option for keyboard mashing? Why not? There is and it is surprisingly simple and fun! Why not try it?

Imagine a world where your keyboard is the primary control mechanism for anything and everything with a keyboard and mouse. You can do anything from building empires to flying planes and whatever else comes to mind. If you are new to this world, here is the deal. Almost every top selling computer game on the planet uses some type of keyboard & mouse game. Almost all of us have played mouse games at some point or another and have wished that we could do more.

Imagine if you were able to hook up your keyboard and mouse to your computer via a USB port. What if your mouse movements actually counted towards some points in the game instead of just clicking your mouse button? What if you could use the WASD keys to zoom, move the camera, rotate the game map or anything else? Well, thanks to the development of revolutionary games like Xbox Kinect, that is now possible.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, gamers will soon be able to recognize each other’s actions. That means that you, the mouse user, will actually be in charge of some aspects of the game. This means that you will be able to build empires in Age of Empires 2 using your keyboard instead of having to waste precious action buttons to do so.

You will also have the ability to use your keyboard to command your character in many new games as well. For example, instead of having to “use my sword” in God of War II to kill an enemy, you will be able to talk to your character in order to fight off the enemy. That is just one example of how new controls and input will make your game play much more enjoyable. Imagine being able to command your characters in games such as Halo, Half Life 2 or Jade Empire simply by using your keyboard.

Many people are afraid that keyboard-based games will be lacking in terms of graphics, but that is just a misconception. As technology advances, we are sure to see many more innovative and beautiful games to hit the market in the years to come. Plus, you will be able to enjoy these games with your friends and family thanks to new support online for these games.