The latest and greatest new phone in the United Kingdom is without a doubt the iPhone and all of it’s amazing features. The amount of apps available for the iPhone is truly incredible. If you are an avid gamer then you will love all the gaming options available for your iPhone. With the ability to download apps that are not even available for the Nintendo Wii or other gaming consoles the iPhone is hands down the best gadget for gamers around the world.

iPhone users can now create their very own virtual real life homes in the game interface with amazing customization options. Players can have different themes to choose from like a farm, a beach, a cabin, a traditional style mansion, a doll house, an apartment building, a prison, and much more! The customization options are almost endless. Play a round of golf, listen to songs, take pictures, listen to the radio, play with pets, explore new cities, and more in the game to create your dream home in the game interface.

When players log into the game, they can do everything that they could do on a normal iPhone except take and receive phone calls. They are also able to access all of their personal information through the secure login area that is separate from the game interface. Each player has their own account that is saved on their phone and when they need to send a message or email they can do so right from the welcome screen on their phone. House Games gives players a chance to create their dream home with tons of customization options and it doesn’t matter which theme or style of real life home they are going for. The interface is very easy to use and is very fluid, just as a lot of real life home design software.

One of the best parts of the game is the challenges and achievements that players earn for completing the different games within the interface. The achievements include, “achievement unlocked”, “achievement complete” and many more. The achievements help players to keep track of where they are within the virtual world, where they are trying to get to, or what they are trying to accomplish with their virtual character. These games are not as serious or traditional as some other popular games on the iPhone, such as Minecraft or Pokemon, although it is true that I have played some House Games myself. The fact that the interface, like the real world, is very easy to navigate makes House Games a very entertaining game to play.

Players can easily use the Facebook application to communicate with other players online and create rooms in which to continue the game. The game has a chat room, which allows players to socialize and chat while playing the game. House Games gives players an opportunity to really show off the skills they have in developing their own home design 3D model of their dream home. It also gives players a chance to meet new people who might become friends long after the game ends. The interface is clean and smooth, requiring only a touch of the screen for most users.

If you enjoy the idea of creating your own virtual worlds and meeting new people, House Games may be an enjoyable game for you to play. It’s a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially if you enjoy what you are doing. My wife and I play Minecraft together from time to time and it’s also a lot of fun to play with my little sister. The graphics are pretty good and the controls are fairly intuitive. The game is relatively challenging, but that just means that if you’re having a rough time, you just have to try harder. It’s a great feeling when you beat the game and have a look at your finished work of art.